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"America's Goatman" image is protected by copyright held by Larry K. Martin.


> NEW Poster! -
"Face of a Legend" The
Goat Man - Mr. Ches McCartney
Portrait, from a Painting by Larry K. Martin.

Signed/Numbered limited edition Giclee

Face of a Legend - America's Goatman
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best-selling print edition ever!
"The Goatman - Face of a Legend" Mr. Ches McCartney
......Portrait, from a painting by
Larry K. Martin

New Poster Giclee Edition: Hand-Signed by Artist
Full color image 11" x 14"
on heavy Satin Paper (includes border)
Retail Price each: $50
Special Introductory Price: $39

"America's Goatman- Mr. Ches McCartney"
From a pencil drawing of Ches Mc Cartney, the Goatman

Standard Giclee Edition; 180 Signed/Numbered
on heavy Satin Paper Full color image 10" x 12"
Signed & Numbered by the Artist
(includes margins for framing)

Image Size: 18" x  25"
FREE Narrative written by the artist
included with each print.
Personalized note from artist upon request.

 Rare Prints! Signed by LKM and
Thumbprinted by Ches McCartney
Price: $250    CURRENT SPECIAL $200

Price each: $80
Special Price: $50
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and
narrative about the Goat man.

Price subject to change without notice.
Orders accepted on a first-come basis.

(Signed-only and Poster Editions may be
released by this artist, in the future).

Image: 10" x 14" Signed by LKM $18



Giclee Editions: The finest quality digital reproductions from the original painting- printed directly onto the finest quality rag stock (140#), one-at-a-time, in the artist's studio. These Giclees are made with 6 colors, ink with pigments, giving them the permanency of fine original paintings.
As with all LKM Giclee editions, there will be an Artist Proof Edition. 50 Artist Proofs will be reserved by the artist..

Signed by author and artist.

Price each: $19.95



From a pencil drawing (Portrait) of Ches Mc Cartney, the "Goat Man"

Image Size: 14" x  17 1/2"

Signed by LKM  $40 --CURRENT SPECIAL $25